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a book of recycled ideas – façade

the ‘façade’ book is the final part of a large art project to find new uses for recycled advertising billboards. The billboards made by various artists for the project and exhibited around amsterdam during 2010 are being cut by hand and used as the covers thus making each book a unique piece of art and a recycling statement in itself. The books are numbered (limited edition of 500) and signed by hand. The book has been bound and stitched with multi-coloured thread. Oh yeah the jacket i had made just for fun with one of the advertising hoardings we had left over, i will definitely make a better one than this prototype now i know how the stuff works…

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the amsterdam music theater (campaign)

my new poster series for the ‘Het Muziektheater Amsterdam’ – Amsterdam Music Theater, based on an identity (and custom font) designed last year by local design agency ‘koeweiden postma’. I was asked to make a new campaign style using the existing elements (a tough gig this one) and i chose to go for maximum impact and strong branding, which i felt they needed. Mainly accentuating the two identity colours (red & black) and cleaning up the hierarchy of the typography and information. The two main topics are ballet and opera productions. I will also be developing and implementing other various media types for them in the coming year.

shown below are some of the initial sketch designs used to explain the idea…

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the new dutch (identity)

a logo and identity for a small photo project, exhibition (and maybe later book) by my friend (and fellow immigrant to the netherlands) paul d. Scott. Who is making portraits and interviewing ‘nieuwe nederlanders’ (the new term for immigrants). A timely project considering the current political climate here. The dutch flag has become an ‘equals’ sign and is used to tell their stories.

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dutch national ballet, recent posters (late summer 2010)

the top two were shot by ‘ruud baan’ the lower one by ‘ingrid baars’, the set for the first one (made from string was designed and built by me… for more info and images visit here and also here, i am currently working on three new ones also

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‘turners’ photobook (turn your laptop upside down)

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