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a book of recycled ideas – façade

the ‘façade’ book is the final part of a large art project to find new uses for recycled advertising billboards. The billboards made by various artists for the project and exhibited around amsterdam during 2010 are being cut by hand and used as the covers thus making each book a unique piece of art and a recycling statement in itself. The books are numbered (limited edition of 500) and signed by hand. The book has been bound and stitched with multi-coloured thread. Oh yeah the jacket i had made just for fun with one of the advertising hoardings we had left over, i will definitely make a better one than this prototype now i know how the stuff works…

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  1. […] in the books introduction text i read that my other entry this year (and the one i was really hoping to get selected) the ‘façade’ recycled book, was a candidate till the last minute; i.e. it ‘very nearly’ made the selection…oh well (pictured above and see also this related post) […]

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  2. […] also this related project i worked on facade (part of which also appears in this very […]

    pingback by me studio » the wrapped city — 02-12-2011

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