that’s not art, it’s advertising…

this is ‘anne’ she can be found standing in front of the ‘façade’ billboard in town this week (like she and others did at all of the other ‘façade’ locations during the past summer) her role is to get into conversation with passers by about the billboard behind her and about advertising in the city in general, some of the best comments will make their way into the book i am currently finishing…

the ‘re:frame expo’ also opens later today and the posters, publicity stuff and display cabinets are fortunately all ready on time… we are already using some of the pieces of the discarded billboards to produce products for ‘re:frame’, all of this re-re-re-recycling is getting a bit confusing by now… the remains will be cut up for use as covers for the (numbered and unique) books, which of course people can then remove from the book and transform into something new, waste not want not..

by the way i would also like to thank you once again anne, for helping me not to break my neck yesterday afternoon, whilst climbing around like a monkey with a felt pen in my hand (see earlier post yesterday)

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