cut & paste and cut & paste and cut…

earlier this afternoon i visited a workshop with my clients ‘nathalie & claartje’ to discuss the process of re-using the billboards created earlier this year by various designers and artists as part of the ‘façade’ exhibition, such as the one above by ‘martijn engelbregt’

the materials will all be cut up and reused in a series of products from the ‘re:frame’ design competition and also as covers for the ‘façade’ book i am currently working on

fortunately for us the test today proved that we can actually sew the stuff together, gluing the books may be a bit more difficult to achieve… although part of the charm of this project is however, that fact that we are making decisions as we go along, nothing is really set in stone at this stage…

several new additions to the advertising billboard section of the project will probably be added last minute (the very last minute) before the book goes to print later this month, i’ll keep you posted… see also this post

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