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‘sweet’ illustration, the sugar factory nightclub

made with one kilo of sugar and a palet knife, this illustration was used as background for the monthly club poster and flyer in march 2011

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fotofestival naarden 2011 – identity & campaign

a small but flexible identity for the bi-annual ‘fotofestival naarden’ taking place in early summer next year with a series of logos and typographic variations

this renowned open-air photo festival takes place in the small town of ‘naarden’ every two years… the typo treatment is based on the idea of the initial letters being photographed too, the font was made using a set of old plastic stencils i’ve had hanging on the studio wall for a few years now… (waiting for the right client… finally)

the theme for this years’ festival is ‘let’s face it – portraits of dutch photography’ featuring a wide array of dutch image makers including ‘joost van den broek’ whose ‘sailor’ image (shown here below) will be used as the central image for the festival & posters etc… the colour scheme obviously relates to the ‘dutch’ theme chosen for the 2011 festival

the work shown is very much ‘in progress’, much of the actual material has yet to be designed but this overview gives at least a general idea of the identity and the way it will work… check back regularly to see the latest stuff and other updates…

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the temporary website should be online within the coming week (for anyone wishing to enter work or find more info…)

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prince claus fund award, stop-motion title sequence

a title sequence for the ‘prince claus fund’ award evening in 2010, made entirely using stop-motion with string and steel pins… i do not have the complete film butwill upload & add it as soon as possible, check back soon

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la la la (human steps)

my latest poster for ‘het muziektheater amsterdam’ (the amsterdam music theater) featuring two images from the choreographer of the production ‘la la la human steps’ himself (édouard lock)

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film poster – brownian movement (2011)

a poster for the latest film from dutch director ‘nanouk leopold’ telling the tale of a female doctor with a ‘dark’ secret, due for release in early 2011…

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