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‘boring’ illustration

an illustration made with steel pins and foam board, the chosen quote (from dylan thomas) was the starting point for the laborious and spontaneous process involved…

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helix (2 for 1, club nights) identity, posters and signage

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the amsterdam music theater (HMA) campaign ’10-’11

an overview of our first season (2010-2011) working for ‘ het muziektheater amsterdam’, creating a new identity style and campaign (posters, banners, outdoor, printed matter, social media, online etc.)

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‘sssst!’ poster campaign for ‘the sugar factory’ nightclub

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am*dam (proposal for an identity – 2010)

this is an unused proposal for an identity for amsterdam, made as part of the ‘CitID’ project … where designers world wide are invited to design a logo for their city…

this was basically the (first) idea i came up with…and just to be clear this is a presentation of the central idea (using the stars i.e. local people to represent the city’s identity and the star symbol to replace the letters ‘ster’) and not really a finished logo design… it has never been used or seriously presented to amsterdam city council

see also this related post, the complete set of variations i made can be seen on the actual project site (just look for the one with the big red star, or click here

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