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transport things – childrens photobooks (vol. 6)

the latest addition to the ‘dingen’ series of picture books for children: ‘transport things’

on a separate note, earlier this year the third edition ‘j/m’ dingen’ (see previous entry in ‘me work’) was selected for the prestigious ‘best dutch book designs’ competition this year in the category childrens books

it also won a ‘vlag & wimpel’ award for best childrens book last year, which has never before, been awarded to a photo book…

m / 08-05-2010 22:09

recent posters

posters for two separate clients (both film production companies) old media to promote new media, i.e. newly updated websites… see previous entries in ‘me work’ to see the corresponding corporate identites

m / 08-05-2010 22:03

typographical illustration (magazine spread)

a double page spread made for a one-off magazine entitled ‘made you think’ inspired by a quote once made by designer ‘milton glaser’ to ‘steven heller’ taken from the 1994 publication ‘looking closer, critical writings on graphic design’:

‘every generation has to make it’s own discoveries, even if they are old discoveries’

the piece was made entirely by hand using thousands of steel pins and one continuous piece of 100 meter long kite string, one side is negative using black type and white string, the other side is positive using black wool…

i’ve added (or will soon) a larger selection of images to ‘me stuff’ for those who are interested in the process and how i made it…

m / 27-04-2010 22:02

dutch national ballet, recent posters (spring 2010)

this series of posters for the ballet production ‘theme and variations’ was a play on the title, they were made by using photo prints of a dancer in the same pose wearing various outfits (shot by ‘ruud baan’) i then cut the photos up into strips and re-assembled them, these were then photographed to make the final images…

this poster below is for a production focusing on the ballet-legend ‘nijinsky’ the image was shot on an old technical camera in a daylight studio (by lukas göbel) and reworked to age the image, the inspiration was a series of famous portraits of nijinsky made in 1916, which i found online… i later modified the type to fit the weathered look of the whole poster

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