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monodot website

the website for film production company monodot which is an integral part of the corporate identity ‘me studio’ made for them late last year (see previous post in ‘me work’)

m / 27-04-2010 21:44

amsterdam (xxx) things – childrens books (vol. 4-5)

two new additions to the ‘dingen’ series of picture books for children: ‘amsterdam things’ (in both dutch and now english) the english version was made to tie-in with a small exhibition held in the summer of 2010 in the city archives of amsterdam (see previous entry in ‘me work’ below, for more info & images)

on a separate note, earlier this year the third edition ‘j/m’ dingen’ (pictured above second from right) was selected for the prestigious ‘best dutch book designs’ competition this year in the category childrens books

it also won a ‘vlag & wimpel’ award for best childrens book last year, which has never before, been awarded to a photo book…

m / 27-04-2010 21:25

suikerdepot updates: poster & flyers/invites

m / 27-04-2010 21:21

xxx dingen expo

to coincide with the launch of the latest ‘dingen’ book in the series ‘amsterdam things’ we were invited to make a small exhibition situated in the basement of the the amsterdam ‘stadsarchief’ (city archives) the exhibition ran simultaneously with a larger show upstairs called the ‘oldest pictures of amsterdam’, we chose to call ours the ‘youngest pictures of amsterdam’ and the images taken from the book were hung low to accomodate the audience (children) there were a series of small signs with words that the children could move around and place under the image which they felt it belonged with… a lighthearted idea and a simple way to get kids engaged with imagery and words, we made sheets to explain the idea which also contained a little quiz about the exhibition

m / 27-04-2010 21:12

a diverse collection of logos

this is a collection of various logos made during the past few years; some have been used, others are initial sketches or rejected proposals, pitch work etc.

if you are interested in any information about a specific logo or project, feel free to get in touch…

m / 27-04-2010 20:53