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‘monodot’ corporate identity

a corporate identity for a small independent film production company based in brussels, belgium

the owners were asked to collect small round objects, their favourite candy, pieces of jewellry, coins and personal items, these were then used to complete the letter ‘o’ in the word ‘monodot’ and to literally personalise the logo for the people behind the name…

extras logos can be added and customised to suit a particular need, a client’s product or for example, a coin on an invoice letterhead… the website incorporating these logos is currently under construction and should be going live later next week…

m / 25-02-2010 22:49

you look like you don’t need money

‘you look like you don’t need money’ and ‘disco culture’ is a double sided book for artist, DJ, photographer and VJ ‘martin c. de waal’ which features work by and about the artist…

m / 25-02-2010 22:47

me cards (self-promo fold-out booklets)

these small promo booklets were made for myself, there are currently four different versions in the series:

– corporate identity projects
– the dutch national ballet case
– various book projects
– various posters (theater, film & non-profit clients)

if you are looking for a designer to discuss a project, need more info or would like to order a set please feel free to get in touch, i’d be happy to send you some

m / 25-02-2010 22:41

‘the seasons of the zeitgeist’

a theoretical book studying apparent cycles and patterns in music, art, politics, film and society, written by my friend ‘tom kniesmeijer’

m / 25-02-2010 22:33

recent posters for the dutch national ballet

m / 25-02-2010 22:28