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a great set of stamps celebrating ducth model doutzen kroes with images by anton corbijn and design by julius vermeulen who is actually the head of design (and a client of mine) at the dutch post office, or at least was… this is his farewell project for himself, nicely done julius and good luck!


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…in that moment the designer was the client and the designer at the same time. They could express themselves in a way which was inspiring. This, was for me, a pure laboratory where the designers could go really very far. This was also the period where we worked together with Cranbrook Academy in Detroit which was at that moment the most avante-garde art school in America. The Head of Graphic Design Catherine McCoy visited me and was so impressed by the way we approached our work that she asked if she could send some interns. I said ‘of course’ and there is a lot of influence from Cranbrook Academy in this work as well…


an interview with gert dumbar and my buddy graham sturt from VBAT, well worth a read even if you know the dumbar story and his opinions already… nice job graham!

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kapitaal kracht


several weeks back (20th sept.) i was invited to do a short presentation as a guest of bno utrecht, a fun gathering which was held at the wonderful (but soon to be defunct) gallery and creative workspace of kapitaal in utrecht

i shared the evening together with my friends from studio mals and passionate type designer peter bilak, we each had 30 minutes to do our ‘thing’ and there were inspiring words to be heard from both parties


i was allowed to finish up with a (ridiculous) presentation; attempting (against the organisers’ advice) to present 300 slides in max. 30 minutes, eventually coming in under the allocated time by at least 10 minutes! but judging by the reactions, i managed at the very least… to entertain the crowd

once again, thanks for the (i was honoured) invitation, delicious meal and fun evening! see you all again soon i hope…


three kids and a lot of sheep


this is a fun story: how a hand-drawn map got this letter delivered to a remote farm in iceland

…instead of a postal address or a recipient’s name, the sender had drawn a map of where they believed the farm to be, together with the following, in English: “Country: Iceland. City: Búðardalur. Name: A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!” The sender had also added a further clue to the intended recipient: “the Danish woman works in a supermarket in Búðardalur.” The letter had been written and sent from the Icelandic capital Reykjavík by a tourist who had stayed at the farm but who obviously did not know the address. And, extraordinarily, it arrived at the right place…

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eye love you


launched to coincide with an upcoming exhibition and book the dutch post office have just released this great set of stamps with archive images from ed van der elsken


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