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10 + 12 years


last night i hosted an interview/round-table discussion with my good friends from fontanel, regarding their ten-year anniversary and how things have changed or evolved during that specific period

we had a great talk about many (mostly) internet/social/design-related topics and managed to make a considerable amount of beer, gin and 12 year-old whisky disappear (as if by magic) in the process, i also made them a special pair of specs (with my 3D pen) to help find the right path in the following ten years…


it was a blast see you soon guys and looking forward to reading the article in the coming weeks here

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hey lines


…after signing up to Hey Lines, a fictive online agency for remote line drawers, you are sad to find your job will mainly involve the mindless filling in of graphs. Everything changes when Laura, your employer, goes home early for the day and takes you all with her…


a crowd-sourced interactive music video for zZz, directed and developed by studio moniker & studio puckey

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crop / delete


i came across this nice example of effective image editing on the BBC News app recently, the article discusses the issue of how donald trump could be stopped in his bid to become president (…shivers…)

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primavera 2016

nice teaser animation for the annual primavera festival, made by devicers, and a pretty amazing line-up too…

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made with heart

…there has never been a better time to be a designer. There have never been more tools or platforms at our disposal. But paradoxically it has never been easier to create something dull. Beware rationality overtaking creative intuition, beware the ‘design thinkers’, the post rationalisers, the colour theorists and the comments box bore offs who just want to make you consistent with what the world has already seen. It’s a new world out there and as designers we need to be brave. Break conventions, break structure, break perceptions, break free. But never break your heart…

interesting read from wolff olins’ chief design officer chris moody

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