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kapitaal kracht


several weeks back (20th sept.) i was invited to do a short presentation as a guest of bno utrecht, a fun gathering which was held at the wonderful (but soon to be defunct) gallery and creative workspace of kapitaal in utrecht

i shared the evening together with my friends from studio mals and passionate type designer peter bilak, we each had 30 minutes to do our ‘thing’ and there were inspiring words to be heard from both parties


i was allowed to finish up with a (ridiculous) presentation; attempting (against the organisers’ advice) to present 300 slides in max. 30 minutes, eventually coming in under the allocated time by at least 10 minutes! but judging by the reactions, i managed at the very least… to entertain the crowd

once again, thanks for the (i was honoured) invitation, delicious meal and fun evening! see you all again soon i hope…


you, me and 2016


well that was the end of another amazing year

we celebrated ten years, got started on the next decennium and of course… we wish everybody a wonderful, busy, peaceful & healthy 2016


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the man in the middle


interesting BBC radio 4 talk about the long-lost ‘cobden-sanderson’ doves typeface, thrown into the thames river one hundred years ago and presumed lost forever…

see also this related post on the me blog from february last year… (many thanks to my mate dominic davies for the tip)

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no more sleep


interesting interview with much-acclaimed graphic designer karel martens for the late night vpro show ‘nooit meer slapen’ (dutch only)

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the faun


a post from dancer casey herd who featured in this ballet poster for which i did the art-direction and design back in 2009 (image shot by mister ‘ruud baan’)

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