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lifesize lego (first posted 5th april ’13)


this is a post i wrote as contributor to the amsterdam ad blog ‘something related to amsterdam’ column, originally posted on the 5th of april ’13…

lifesize lego

Like most new technology 3D printing provides easy access to previously impossible ideas and potentially allows everyone to create new things. Some of the ideas I have seen so far look promising, others less so… Like the American guy trying to establish an open-source weapon printing industry. Do it yourself guns to print at home… ready to kill, what a dreadful notion that is.

On a more positive note Amsterdam may be the first city to realise a 3D printed building this year (or next). Combined with other exciting modern techniques such as this, these could be the first steps in realising a genuine change to the way we build houses and who decides why or where this happens.

Count me in. More info here.

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