d13 #5

last week i spent a few days visiting the latest (and much criticised) edition of the (5 yearly) ‘documenta’ art festival in kassel, germany

these are the final projects which i apparently found interesting enough to photograph (and therefore blog about) the first was a series of more than 900 hand painted portraits of apples made by a monk korbinian aiger who was imprisoned at ‘dachau’ concentration camp during the second world war and whilst interred there managed to create several new breeds of apple, one of which is still around today… aiger spent years creating these beautiful apple images and although they are by biology standards not the most accurate depictions, they are still regarded as one of the most important collections in their sort, seeing them all together was quite overwhelming

secondly i was drawn into a performance project (and forced to take part) by american artist ‘michael portnoy’ the performance included more than 40 people, a giant mud spaceship and some new age crystals… difficult to explain if you weren’t there, to give you an idea of who he is see this clip where he first became well known by interrupting a live performance by none other than bob dylan back in the 1990’s, amazing how cool dylan remains throughout…

of course writing about these project doesn’t come anywhere near to the experience one undergoes when actually seeing them (see also these previous related entries here and here)

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