d13 #3

last week i spent a few days visiting the latest (and much criticised) edition of the (5 yearly) ‘documenta’ art festival in kassel, germany

some of the works which i apparently found interesting enough to photograph (and therefore blog about) included this enormous site-specific 30 meter long installation from artist geoffrey farmer: more than 50 years worth of ‘life’ magazines, whereby all of the images have been precisely cut out and mounted on dried grass shoots (complete with miniature grass frames to support the images on the reverse)

the whole installation was sorted by topic (objects, celebrities, black & white etc.) and they are all arranged by size from top to bottom, the mind boggles to think how much effort went into this project and i constantly wonder how many people were involved in it, surely not just the man himself?

of course writing about this project doesn’t come anywhere near to the experience one undergoes when actually seeing it (see also these previous related entries here)

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