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earlier this month news reached me of the death of my uncle john a sweet man who passed away after a prolonged period of sickness aged 72 years old, them some ten days ago my week took another much darker turn when i learned of the bizarre and tragic death of my good buddy harm wimmenhove who was hit by a speeding police van late at night on his bicycle; whilst crossing a road just around the corner from my office…


i had intended to write a long piece remembering harm, his friendship, the work we did together (this very website since 2005, for example) and all that he meant to me as a person


but… sat here, now, in front of my keyboard, i realise that i don’t really feel like writing that article anymore… i miss him, that’s all… his death was sudden, tragic and has left a great number of people behind’ shocked that he is no more


my thoughts go out to his family & close friends in particular

farewell harm… we had a blast, later on i will play the track ‘phoebe’ by extrawelt from their album ‘in aufruhr’ very loud, just for you… remember?

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“If you work in software or design in 2016, you also work in politics.” No one works in a vacuum anymore. We live in a world where a few big problems—ranging from mass income disparity to normalized bigotry to unstoppable misinformation—are so multifaceted that no single project can take them on. Like much of the public, many designers ignored these issues for a long time. And in the worst cases, they enabled such behaviors across digital platforms that connect the world in milliseconds, messing things up at a magnitude our forefathers could only have dreamed of. Be more mindful about how your work interrelates to the greatest problems in the world today.

a great little article to wave goodbye to 2016 with… happy christmas all, see you next year again x

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posters hier


i received a nice little book from igepa paper suppliers, celebrating the papier hier design event at which i was a speaker back in 2012, that was sadly the last event as they decided to stop in 2013, the book features the series of posters for all the events dating back to 1997; with an incredible line-up of speakers through the years…

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made with heart

…there has never been a better time to be a designer. There have never been more tools or platforms at our disposal. But paradoxically it has never been easier to create something dull. Beware rationality overtaking creative intuition, beware the ‘design thinkers’, the post rationalisers, the colour theorists and the comments box bore offs who just want to make you consistent with what the world has already seen. It’s a new world out there and as designers we need to be brave. Break conventions, break structure, break perceptions, break free. But never break your heart…

interesting read from wolff olins’ chief design officer chris moody

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type hunters – kunstuur


check out this charming little documentary from dutch TV show ‘kunstuur’ called type hunters, which follows four typographers (erik spiekermann & bas from ‘underware’ amongst others) who discuss the type in their city and what it means to them

(still available online, for a limited time and in dutch only)


on a related note also check this website lost fonts of amsterdam


(thanks to peter kortleve) for the tip

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