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hey lines


…after signing up to Hey Lines, a fictive online agency for remote line drawers, you are sad to find your job will mainly involve the mindless filling in of graphs. Everything changes when Laura, your employer, goes home early for the day and takes you all with her…


a crowd-sourced interactive music video for zZz, directed and developed by studio moniker & studio puckey

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we sent mr. bingo & mr. burrill a shit load of cash and they sent us a load of shit back, we think this a shit way to treat people…

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paper print


interesting new development in 3D printing, recently announced at the annual CES: printing without plastic using instead paper and glue as materials


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crop / delete


i came across this nice example of effective image editing on the BBC News app recently, the article discusses the issue of how donald trump could be stopped in his bid to become president (…shivers…)

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#tbt we just got back from the annual summer break and completely forgot about the studio celebrating eleven years in business at 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th of the 8th, so a belated hooray to me! #birthday #design #happy #eleven #me

many thanks, of course, to the people who didn’t forget and already sent messages, we love you!

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