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MO black first label release “poetry versus orchestra” CD packaging & book for the metropole orkest together with awesome spoken word artist ‘hollie mcnish’ using double spot black ink, hot stamp silver foil and spot UV varnish on matte laminate finish


above: the original illustration artwork next to the printed front & back covers

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marks out of 10


turns out some of my old ballet posters are being used in national high school exam papers for visual development studies this year in the netherlands, good luck kids!

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spot colours


just arrived in the studio: a new title ‘cmyk & pms printing’ by ‘sendpoints’ publishers, featuring our ‘nomads’ visual identity produced with special, custom spot colour inks…


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i just came across this image online: a wonderful typographic, concrete book pavillion; created almost 90 years ago by italian graphic designer fortunato depero for the 1927 biennale internazionale delle arti decorative, built entirely out of giant block letters


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…in that moment the designer was the client and the designer at the same time. They could express themselves in a way which was inspiring. This, was for me, a pure laboratory where the designers could go really very far. This was also the period where we worked together with Cranbrook Academy in Detroit which was at that moment the most avante-garde art school in America. The Head of Graphic Design Catherine McCoy visited me and was so impressed by the way we approached our work that she asked if she could send some interns. I said ‘of course’ and there is a lot of influence from Cranbrook Academy in this work as well…


an interview with gert dumbar and my buddy graham sturt from VBAT, well worth a read even if you know the dumbar story and his opinions already… nice job graham!

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