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i received a nice little book from igepa paper suppliers, celebrating the papier hier design event at which i was a speaker back in 2012, that was sadly the last event as they decided to stop in 2013, the book features the series of posters for all the events dating back to 1997; with an incredible line-up of speakers through the years…

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the identity we created for FotoFestival Naarden in 2013, with images of homeless people by photographer ‘jan banning’ and transparant plastic letter stencils

for more info check: here and this plus here, also here and finally here

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feltron gone


the final annual report from nicholas felton arrived this week, a beautifully executed farewell edition to end his ten-year project…


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paper time machine

…the original colour of the Eiffel Tower during its construction in 1888 was called ‘Venetian Red’ as shown in the photograph, applied in the workshop before being assembled on site. The tower has been repainted over a dozen times since in different shades ranging from a reddish brown to bronze. Due to the increased blue sensitivity of the photographic emulsion used in the image, the sky appears much lighter and washed out, but the lack of cast shadows in the photograph suggest an overcast day. Several paintings and picture postcards of the Exposition site were used as a reference for the background buildings, and the stonework of Port de la Bourdonnais on the Seine riverbank being constructed in the middle of the photograph are sampled from contemporary photographs…


the wonderful retronaut is crowdfunding this great book project right now…

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amsterdamthings one of the ten ‘dingen’ books which won the 2009 ‘best childrens book award’ plus the ‘best dutch book design’ prize in 2009 and again in 2010, a few of the series including the above are still for sale and currently getting an updated version…

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