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laurence king publishers have recently reissued their two excellent books on identity ‘logo’ and ‘logotype’ both featuring our work, in paperback editions…
money well spent if you ask me

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just arrived in the studio last week: my copy of this analogue masterpiece mongrel rapture almost 3 kilos of paper & beauty, delivered in book form

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500 greetings


just in this week: a new design book ‘500 greetings’invitations, greeting cards, postcards & self-promotion material, produced by promopress publishers


featuring no less than seven of our projects from the past few years, so thanks very much to promopress editor marta serrats


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pretty much everything for the ‘fa├žade’ art project (back in 2009) was made from recycled plastic advertising billboards, the type, the flyers & invites, the book and we even made an (unwearable) jacket… see more here and here

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several of the covers from the pocket-sized, quality architecture magazine ‘anno’ which i designed twice a year, from 1998 to 2001


each cover featured a special technique such as hot-foil stamp, embossing etc… these are some of my favourites

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