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this is a piece i wrote last week for a blog i contribute to, which was rejected for being too political… oh well, ironical as that is actually the whole point of the piece

No Austerity!

Tuesday Lunchtime, curiosity got the better of me so I popped around the corner to witness students being evacuated from ‘Bunge Huis’.

Twitchy-looking cops, dressed like McDonald’s staff with riot sticks and guns, chatted casually with TV camera crews near Dam Square as everyone waited for the next (predictable) move.

The issue behind it all is one that should certainly concern us all: ‘money men’ moving in on education and corporate ‘return on investment’ thinking becoming the standard which decrees whether any Study is viable or not.

There’s currently a lot of concern about radcialised youth but shouldn’t we be concerned that there isn’t enough radicalism? At least on issues that matter…


By the time I write this piece a large group of those evicted will have spent a night in the cell; standing up for something they believe in.

My faith in a generation that doesn’t seem to care about much at all has been slightly restored…

Now let’s see if that ball keeps on rolling…

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