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2.500 + (originally posted 11 aug. 2014)

this is a post i wrote as contributor to the amsterdam ad blog ‘something related to amsterdam’ column, originally posted on the 21st of march 2014…


2.500+ days

Local designer Ruben Steeman (a.k.a. buro rust) has been making fineliner drawings every single day for the past ten years in A5 sketch books. Ruben has kept all of these volumes and recently decided to turn them into a book containing more that 2.500 of his black & white diary entries.

He chose to go via the dutch cultural kickstarter platform voordekunst and was very successful with his initiative; getting complete funding for the book within the required time…. which just goes to show, always give it a go…

The book wil be a huge volume (with a spine that is almost as thick as the cover is wide) and although the initial print run of 200 numbered editions has already been claimed (including lucky me) you may be lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the next run if he decides to make one. Ruben also recently had a small exhibition in Haarlem of a selection of his drawings.

This inspires me because he has turned a small personal project into a larger whole and also gets to design huge book full of his own work, nice job.


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