here is my final piece, which i made for the pushing up daisy project recently… i received the six pieces of wood way back in the summer and first spent ages working on an idea to transform them into wood block letters, carved by hand; then using the rest of the wood chips to make my own ink & paper with which to print a poster using those wood block letters…

in the end i decided to go for a less production-orientated (and less certain) route; to create a poster using the wood itself, and chose to make a piece that celebrates making mistakes (by deliberately placing a spelling mistake in my text), i.e trying things and seeing what happens…


the result of all of the entries are on show in the hague, the finissage takes place this evening and they have even asked me to be auction master at the live auction tonight at 8pm… should be fun


this is the accompanying text i sent for my piece:

The Undo Button
we designers love our computers, the ‘undo’ button is an important function on which we have become dependent… when working with wood however there is no second chance, you have to go with the flow and embrace the possibilty that it could go wrong or turn out differently than expected, carving in wood was a new and enjoyable experience for me… maybe, one day, someone will invent an ‘undo’ button for carved type, so untill that day arrives i’m saving all of the wood chips in the hope that i can correct that stupid spelling mistake after all… there’s not always an undo button

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