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sorry (first posted nov. 1st 2013)

this is a post i wrote as contributor to the amsterdam ad blog ‘something related to amsterdam’ column, originally posted on the 1st of november 2013…


I recently remembered this little guerrilla idea from back in 2005. Local agency ‘bureau pindakaas’ created little yellow stickers that matched the yellow roadworks signs used around Amsterdam to deviate traffic and announce any major disruptions (of which we have had a lot in the past ten years).

What I liked about the ‘Sorry!’ stickers is that it made you think about the way we communicate in public. Or at least the way government and the local council addresses us in general. Why not apologise for creating massive traffic jams and unexpected delays everywhere?


If my memory serves me correctly it actually resulted in the makers being invited to City Hall to discuss the issue and to see whether they could be of any assistance to the communication department concerned…

Question is was that actually true and did anything ever come of it? Does anybody even remember it? Or perhaps know whether it had any effect beyond some free PR?


p.s. Eight years is a long time on the internet… I faked these images above myself and was unable to find virtually any information at all online, about this story.

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