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witkar2go (first posted 23rd of aug 13.)


this is a post i wrote as contributor to the amsterdam ad blog ‘something related to amsterdam’ column, originally posted obn the 23rd of august 2013…


For me Amsterdam is still a place where a lot of mad and weird people join forces and collectively come up with unconventional, surprising and progressive ideas that are (sometimes) way ahead of their time.

For example this story from the fabulous ‘oud amsterdam’ facebook page about the ‘witkar’ experiment at the height of the hippie era (1968); which nearly became a reality. Twenty five years later, of course, it has…

I recently took a ride in the ‘Car2Go’ bumper cars and was suprised that it was all a reasonably ‘ok’ experience. If I had a choice, however; I would definitely go for the ‘James Bond / Goldfinger / Thunderball’ vibe of the original one anyday.

this is a previous article (from the 14th of june) which i hadn’t yet posted: 1000 years of amsterdam

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