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i have been an eye magazine subscriber since the very first issue when i was still a student and that kind of cash was hard to find… in my opinion it is still the only really serious magazine out there when it comes to covering the field of graphic design in the broadest sense

atypically for a british magazine it doesn’t and never has had a an anglo-centric bias in its writing and choice of subject matter, the cover of the first issue showed a detail of piet zwarts’ seminal ptt book and paved the way for the balanced and international vision that has characterised the magazine ever since

aside from its consistently strong (and critical) editorial content the covers (usually with a layered image made up out of several content-relevant topics) are in themselves almost a ‘who’s who’ of graphic design and its collective vocabulary over the past century, here is a quick selection which i plucked off their facebook page… and before anyone asks no i wasn’t paid to say this…

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