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het boek van PTT

This book (which i recently acquired in a second hand bookshop) is one of the seminal pieces of dutch design made by the master ‘piet zwart’.

here’s a short excerpt about the book:

Het boek van PTT, Nederlandsche Rotogravure Mij., Leiden, Netherlands, 1938.
25×18 cm, 50pp,

One of the seminal designs of the 30s. Commissioned by the Dutch PTT, Zwart, commencing in 1930, wrote and designed this book to explain the workings of the telephone and postal systems to schoolchildren. Eight years later he completed the task. Noteworthy for its masterful use of experimental type, photomontage, puppetry, stage photography and pencil illustration. There is considerable Russian influence here which is not surprising considering Zwart met El Lissitsky in the early 20s (learning a great deal from him regards the integration of photography). Zwart was also considerably influenced by Rodchenko.

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