last week i attended the ‘awards’ awards night organised by ‘lernert & sander’ in amsterdam, the event was a highly entertaining tongue-in-cheek look at the world of art awards

it is very difficult to describe just exactly what made it so entertaining, the event has also not been very well documented unfortunately, highlights were the trick played on the jury, who were unwittingly recorded during the jury deliberations, on the night itself three well known dutch actors were then hired to replay their conversations live on stage, giving the public a unique and frank insight into what was discussed and how… the jury were very sporting about the whole send-up and chairman ‘hedy d’ancona’ even provided a great thank you speech accompanied by her fellow jury members, stood next to their respective ‘body doubles’ dressed in identical clothes… great fun

it was also very fitting that the jury didn’t manage to choose a winner in the end, another highlight was this classical rendition by the ‘familie pondman’ (a musical family that have recently been the subject of a much talked about documentary) who did a very special version (shown below) of a recent awards acceptance speech made by dutch-moroccan actor nasrdin dchar at the dutch film awards

this all won’t make much sense if you don’t understand dutch however, as i said it is very difficult to describe the evenings events in a coherent way… as they say ‘you had to be there’

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