art in the public realm

here are a few quasi-related stories for monday morning: the common links are i suppose, tarmac and art (of the conscious or accidental sort)

the above images are of a freak phenomenon which can currently be witnessed on the street of londons west-end: a combination of unseasonal hot weather, autmnal leaves and freshly laid tarmac have created these strange and beautiful rigid patterns

also in london (shown above and below) a fella called ‘ben wilson’ has been causing a stir with his chewing gum art ben spends his time lying on the ground making these intricate and cheerful oil-paint miniatures, he apparently intends to paint his way right into the city centre working five days a week

on a similar vein, this is also a new phenomenon which has started cropping up all over the place: connecting chewing gum dots with chalk to create solar systems on the pavement… weird

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