dae 11

the stone twins (currently heading up the ‘man & communication’ course) shared some of the projects with me from the latest crop of graduates from the design academy eindhoven ‘class of 2011’

as the press release states, under their leadership the curriculum is aiming to change direction and clarify it’s relevance to sociey… or put simply “Less Bubble, More World”

…do we really need another chair?… asks graduate ‘michael kluver’ and in a similar vein ‘suyin tjon a hie’ questions our ever expanding consumption in this animation ‘a plastic life’

‘tessel brühl’ tackles the issue of bereavement in her abstract film called overcoming grief whereas ‘charlotte porskamp’ (shown above) faces up to facebook

the golden record project by NASA gets revisited for the current age by ‘vincent meertens’ and finally some beautiful lo-tech animation by ‘julia veldman’ entitled ‘dear neighbours’ shown below

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