men in tights

a series of shorts from ‘sander & lernert’ for lifestyle mag ‘fantastic man’ each day this week, starting today… what do i think of this? i’m not sure really… just had another look, the simplicity of it caught me off guard, it is actually quite funky, a clever twist on displaying fashion…

update: an executive producer from london approached me this morning to request a rectification, it would seem that not only does this duo often get confused with the other famous fashion twins (viktor & rolf) but their correct name is actually a registered trademark and should always be ‘lernert & sander’, the other duo (sander & lernert) are apparently two bricklayers from south london, who keep getting annoying calls asking if they can make TV commercials, apologies to all concerned for the mistake… by the way the real ‘lernert & sander’ have posted a second film today

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