cult of personality

…gaddafi had already ruled Libya for 15 years in June 1984 and he had a fearsome reputation for brutality towards his enemies. But the grim scene that unfolded in the eastern city of Benghazi was a spectacular first even for him. It was blazing hot day. Thousands of schoolchildren and students were bussed into Benghazi’s basketball stadium, where they saw a frightened young man with curly hair and beard, kneeling with his hands bound behind his back, pleading for his life before people’s prosecutors. Sadiq Hamid Shwehdi, 30, was accused of plotting to assassinate the leader of the revolution. The court described him as “a terrorist from the Muslim Brotherhood, an agent of America”…

human rights watch researcher ‘peter bouckaert’ talks about a gruesome archive of film & photo footage he unearthed in libya, the images show a less well-known side of gadaffi and also tell the story of a horrific public execution…

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