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the dutch national museum (a planned nationwide historical portal) was in the news yesterday as the latest victim of cuts in funding by the current dutch ‘butcher’ government, plans to establish a large (physical) museum of national history now look like they will be shelved indefinitely

their latest online project, however, was launched this week… designed by two amsterdam agencies working close together (fabrique & vandejong) the project, known as ‘x was here’ aims to build a dynamic online database of significant historical locations, with the help of the general public, the database will be (politicians permitting) regularly updated, there is also an iphone app for those wishing to take part and the project progress, so far, can be seen by clicking on the x, each marked location has a it’s own unique icon in the database which can be scanned using the app to obtain information on demand, an ambitious and highly ‘now’ idea which (if successful) could perhaps lead the way for many similar initiatives… perhaps someone could make an app to mark all of the cultural institutes/art initiatives that we will soon no longer be able to visit or enjoy…

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