some ‘dude’ is posing as me on the message board

sites where illustration and hand lettering is used extensively or even exclusively are few and far between, ones where it is done well are even scarcer, this one does just that…

the tone of voice, the content, the illustration style and the way the information has been placed just all seems right in my opinion, it’s a breath of fresh air in terms of the browsing experience for me, no… it wouldn’t work for lots of things and it does get tiring after say five minutes or so, but for a brief visit it simply works…

oh yeah… and the most surprising thing is who owns the website and has made all of the illustrations & hand lettering, it’s the ‘dude’ himself a.k.a. the actor jeff bridges

often when celebrities decide to do ‘something else’ creative it can be embarrassingly awful, in this case much like the actor ‘yul brynner’ (see yesterdays post) it does feel very authentic

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