find something from nothing

anybody who builds websites will tell you that making an ‘under construction’ page is usually a bad idea for various reasons, having had a ‘me nothing’ button on this site months ago now i can only agree, the idea was that it would be temporary and soon changed to a useful new function, well it took longer than expected and often resulted in me receiving mails asking what the point of it was… erm ‘nothing’ was the only answer…

now finally it has gone and in it’s place is an all new ‘search me’ function… five years of inspiration, great design, photography and ideas from weird to wonderful and all fully searchable

go on… have a go, you might even find your own name listed, the search results are currently limited to five results (even if there are many more… we’re working on it) this should however soon be fixed… i now know for example that i use the term ‘shit’ more than i realised…

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