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following my posts on the new VPRO identity also here and here, the identity launch has been covered on several other sites and although not everyone is unanimous about it’s qualities, the general view seems to be much more positive than at first seemed to be the case, this last comment posted on my blog (see below) by ‘c poitcha’ sums it all up rather well..

Well it looks fine to me, though nothing outstanding. Sometimes solutions like this (“you can color it any way you want!”) seem to be a bit of a cop-out. But this is often the problem with designing for a company with a lot of ‘heritage’; they only want an evolution of their old design. I wasn’t too familiar with the old logo, but when I saw it, I thought it looked VERY dated and tired (not “neutral” and “timeless” as others have commented). The outlined letters, with their overly sharp angles and difficult proportions, seemed like something from the ’30s re-interpreted in the ’70s.

While I can’t applaud Thonik’s work (modified Avenir again?!), I think the new interpretation does the job.

Actually, there seem to be more ‘ideas’ present in the older 1970s version than in either of the successors. The logo’s swash forms echo musical instruments or horns seem to be very appropriate for a cultural “omroep” organization.

Nobody’s perfect, but I can’t see why anyone would love the old logo so dearly.

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