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the dutch broadcaster ‘VPRO’ is currently undergoing an identity revamp by ‘thonik’ and although the new look isn’t due to be launched until the end of august, i got hold of a ‘sneak preview’ of the new logo today… which i wanted to share, not so much revolution as evolution, i have switched the ‘comments’ field on for anyone who has thoughts to share…

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  1. I don’t see improvement. I really loved the old logo. I’m usually not nostalgic about these things but this looks like it’s designed by a manager.

    comment by Michiel Schuurman — 29-07-2010

  2. Hmmm, a revamp of which (as always) it’s very tricky to compare with the former logo(s). The most recognisable, neutral and sympathetic VPRO logo made by Max Kisman, lasted for ages and sees a small but very clear element reincarnated in the triangles in ‘the back’of this one here. While it is very hard to design a timeless identity for a difficult (moeilijke) organisation such as VPRO, i am very very sure that this ‘evolution’ will be heavily discussed in- and outside the VPRO’s building in Hilversum. I do hope however that Thonik will stay away from the spielerei that shows more and more in their latest identity for NRC Next ‘newspaper’. So count me in.

    comment by vos — 29-07-2010


    comment by Michiel Schuurman — 29-07-2010

  4. computer says NO !

    comment by kaleb — 29-07-2010

  5. The current VPRO logo is a classic. It shouldn’t be altered in any way as it is still very outstanding, a timeless design even, if you ask me. We should set up a protest campaign against this very common thonikly design (is it the Avenir again??). Maybe a riot in front of their office? REVOLT!!! Stay off my favorite broadcast logo man!!!! thonik bitches…

    comment by floor — 30-07-2010

  6. I kinda like it. Although it’s hard to say without knowing what the intentions behind the new identity are and how it will behave at different carriers. Let’s wait for August, I’d love to hear what Thonik and VPRO have to say about this..

    comment by Willem van Roosmalen — 30-07-2010

  7. If VPRO is happy, than Thonik is not to blame… I just hate the fact that they are getting away with this. I’d love to hear the briefing and I’d love to see Thonic’s sketch process… Maybe that will explain this mediocre outcome.

    comment by Hansje — 30-07-2010

  8. @willem Why are you curious about what both commissioner and designer have to say about this logo? Most likely it’s an überpositive story where nothing went wrong and this result could have been the only outcome, don’t you think? And why is it that you ‘like’ it?

    comment by vos — 30-07-2010

  9. I like it. Because “they” didn’t felt like throwing everything away, but changed some details to make it fresh again. I bet this is only a part of a bigger style and often you can keep the logo simple when you’re freaking out on the rest.

    old school = the new school

    comment by rolf — 03-08-2010

  10. thanks for the comments folks, i posted my own answer to this story on the blog yesterday… (see news) whatever the full story will be when it gets officially released it’s clear that it will get talked about… as ‘rolf’ points out the logo isn’t the whole picture of course…

    comment by m — 04-08-2010

  11. Just like the old one better… that says it all…

    comment by JvD — 04-08-2010

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  13. I think it’s way too acceptable. VPRO as a broadcasting station has had so many wonderful and weird programs that could only be broadcasted by the VPRO (hence their old slogan ‘lijkt nergens op’). If they wanted to redo the logo they should’ve at least given it something that you could oppose to other than the fact that it’s not the old logo.

    comment by yuri — 10-08-2010

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    Now you can see it complete, and then I must say, I liked it..
    Sorry guys, but it is well done now..

    comment by gladfrelter — 24-08-2010

  17. Well it looks fine to me, though nothing outstanding. Sometimes solutions like this (“you can color it any way you want!”) seem to be a bit of a cop-out. But this is often the problem with designing for a company with a lot of ‘heritage’; they only want an evolution of their old design. I wasn’t too familiar with the old logo, but when I saw it, I thought it looked VERY dated and tired (not “neutral” and “timeless” as others have commented). The outlined letters, with their overly sharp angles and difficult proportions, seemed like something from the ’30s re-interpreted in the ’70s.

    While I can’t applaud Thonik’s work (modified Avenir again?!), I think the new interpretation does the job.

    Actually, there seem to be more ‘ideas’ present in the older 1970s version than in either of the successors. The logo’s swash forms echo musical instruments or horns seem to be very appropriate for a cultural “omroep” organization.

    Nobody’s perfect, but I can’t see why anyone would love the old logo so dearly.

    comment by cPoticha — 27-08-2010

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