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a little post i made last week showing a sneak preview of the new vpro identity by ‘thonik’ received a few comments, mostly from ‘haters’ and a few careful positive reactions, i also received a few reactions by mail, all very negative… and after a re-post of my story by some design friends on facebook last week, the new design got a real bashing with some very harsh words being spoken… my own opinion is somewhere in the middle i guess, the new logo doesn’t seem to really add anything to the story and looks rather corporate, thonik here once again using their own corporate typeface to brand a client…

however i do feel that it could have been a lot ‘worse’ the essence of the old logo has been restyled (a question of taste this one) and although the logo has lost a lot of the quirkiness that the old one (made by max kisman) contained… it all feels a bit too rational and clean… as i said on facebook in response to the haters… maybe the ‘rational’ feel is a sign of the times, holland has changed a lot since that old logo was born… the country has become more corporate, more rational and certainly much much less left-wing than it was (see the news this week…sigh…) and in that sense this logo is perhaps a true reflection of the culture that it is part of… how sad…

as one comment pointed out, we should wait and see what the whole picture is when it is launched for real later this month… if my ‘sneak preview post’ proves anything, it will certainly be receiving very ‘mixed’ reviews whatever the story behind it…

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