‘beguiling’ infographics

it’s not very often that graphic design gets a serious item on TV, let alone infographics or ‘data visualisation’ if you prefer the term… and it generally ends up being the sort of ‘non-topic’ which just baffles the general public:

what on earth are they talking about? who cares? this isn’t important… etc

this week new RCA head ‘neville brody’ and ‘david mccandless’ (from ‘information is beautiful’) clashed on the BBC newsnight
current affairs programme on that very subject: a lively comment discussion has also picked up on the CR blog, the BBC ‘iPlayer’ doesn’t unfortunately work outside the UK but without having heard the talk i kind of feel inclined to agree with neville brody… although i can just picture my mother watching this, shrugging her shoulders and thinking ‘boring’…

update: an amusing footnote to this story, point taken :)

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