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finally, after a really labour-intensive month here at the studio, i am very proud to share our latest project with you: it premiered earlier this afternoon over at clash magazine where you can read some of the background story behind the project… enjoy and hope you like it :)

i’ll post some more stuff and making of images later this week, after a brief pause to catch my breath… it’s been a hectic couple of weeks here in amsterdam

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a four-page typographic interpretation of obama’s inauguration speech, made for dutch magazine ‘creatie’ in 2009

the only rule was no images allowed… i decided to analyse his intonation (by watching the speech on ‘you tube’) and break it down typographically in terms of recurring words and vocal emphasis…

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three kids and a lot of sheep


this is a fun story: how a hand-drawn map got this letter delivered to a remote farm in iceland

…instead of a postal address or a recipient’s name, the sender had drawn a map of where they believed the farm to be, together with the following, in English: “Country: Iceland. City: Búðardalur. Name: A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!” The sender had also added a further clue to the intended recipient: “the Danish woman works in a supermarket in Búðardalur.” The letter had been written and sent from the Icelandic capital Reykjavík by a tourist who had stayed at the farm but who obviously did not know the address. And, extraordinarily, it arrived at the right place…

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possibly the best infographic ever made…


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random image



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