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earlier this month news reached me of the death of my uncle john a sweet man who passed away after a prolonged period of sickness aged 72 years old, them some ten days ago my week took another much darker turn when i learned of the bizarre and tragic death of my good buddy harm wimmenhove who was hit by a speeding police van late at night on his bicycle; whilst crossing a road just around the corner from my office…


i had intended to write a long piece remembering harm, his friendship, the work we did together (this very website since 2005, for example) and all that he meant to me as a person


but… sat here, now, in front of my keyboard, i realise that i don’t really feel like writing that article anymore… i miss him, that’s all… his death was sudden, tragic and has left a great number of people behind’ shocked that he is no more


my thoughts go out to his family & close friends in particular

farewell harm… we had a blast, later on i will play the track ‘phoebe’ by extrawelt from their album ‘in aufruhr’ very loud, just for you… remember?

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gps and math and… corn


great story and some fascinating images from wired about an american farmer who “fuses fine art with seed corn


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the identity we created for FotoFestival Naarden in 2013, with images of homeless people by photographer ‘jan banning’ and transparant plastic letter stencils

for more info check: here and this plus here, also here and finally here

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great poster i spotted around town yesterday for the art event amsterdam drawing

does anybody have an idea who made it? i have my suspicions… on their facebook page i also came across an image of the matching invitation card, nice…

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a great set of stamps celebrating ducth model doutzen kroes with images by anton corbijn and design by julius vermeulen who is actually the head of design (and a client of mine) at the dutch post office, or at least was… this is his farewell project for himself, nicely done julius and good luck!


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