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i came across this nice example of effective image editing on the BBC News app recently, the article discusses the issue of how donald trump could be stopped in his bid to become president (…shivers…)

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#tbt we just got back from the annual summer break and completely forgot about the studio celebrating eleven years in business at 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th of the 8th, so a belated hooray to me! #birthday #design #happy #eleven #me

many thanks, of course, to the people who didn’t forget and already sent messages, we love you!

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random image


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erman yilmaz


i stumbled across these really nice type-based posters from turkish graphic designer erman yilmaz


also check his own website for plenty more work…

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leeds to london


…Mr and Mrs Hudson in Seacroft Green, Leeds. I took this photograph on the 14 August 1974 at about 11am. I like the way the ladder is propping up the shop. They had just moved into a new shop on the same spot, with the church getting a facelift to match…


the changing landscape of british towns in the 70’s as seen by truck driver (and photographer) peter mitchell

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