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i was interviewed together with several others (by journalist jan pieter ekker) for an article on the future of (physical) posters versus social media/facebook in yesterdays edition of ‘het parool’ newspaper, i will publish the article next week in full right here…

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don’t worry be appy


a primeur for me studio this week: our very first ‘app’ project has gone live… the metropole orkest asked us to design an app to showcase their work and substantial archive of material, you can also order tickets directly and find more background info on the orchestra


now available (for free) as a smartphone/tablet app for iOS7 & android, via the relevant app stores…


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paris l’hopital


the very last house in the back of this picture (with two ladies stood on a high balcony) belongs to my father, the house in a tiny burgundy village named paris l’hopital was built in 1666 and this photograph was taken exactly 100 years ago at the outbreak of the first world war in 1914

when i visited my father recently, a close neighbour had seen the picture and realised that he had the very same wheelbarrow standing in his cellar… we checked and it is indeed the very same object… dad is now busy making a recreation of the same image 100 years later, with a borrowed chicken, local children & lots of patience… surprisingly little has changed in that time span


the absence of men in the picture can probably be explained by the outbreak of war… i will post the new image when it is complete

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opa’s en oma’s


some more new work this week: the fourth part of the familie nederland poster series for local theater group slapelozen, i was interviewed by national newspaper ‘het parool’ recently on the subject of the future of theater posters and this series should also be published alongside the interview


note: (it will in fact appear in todays newspaper: wednesday 27/08)

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torch light


a new image from my friend martin c de waal, who will be taking part in the 30 years of torch gallery exhibition here in amsterdam next month

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