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station to station


check out this art project by american multi-media artist doug aitken

i particularly like that led-lit train…


(thanks to jean louis d for the tip)

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the new alabama shakes album art caught my eye this week, a weird fusion of tactile and digital aesthetics, but then very simply and masterfully executed… turns out they work with mario hugo for their covers and video stuff too…

check out this amazing clip for don’t wanna fight for example…and plenty more on the hugo and marie website


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new work this week



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the eternal camera


…the camera generates power by converting some of the light falling on its sensor into electricity that is then used to take a snap… theoretically the self-powered device could take a picture every second, forever…

the first step towards a camera that is self-powered, and maybe a huge step towards many things that could work in a similar fashion… exciting stuff

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