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victoria park

some very touching and candid interviews in this absolutely fabulous documentary with insights into the lives of early morning runners in a london park

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brain wash


shame about the somewhat crude text blog on this poster i spotted today, it could have potentially been really good… (i couldn’t find a design credit)

p.s. if you can’t read it properly, take a step back

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a happy client sent me this picture yesterday, the latest metropole orkest poster for the laura mvula show in local pop temple paradiso (late november) just back from the printers, looking forward to seeing it for ‘real’, it would seem that laura herself and her fans are enthusiastic too

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the internet sleeps

…what this means is that for web surfers in Asia and Africa and South America, their internet connections get switched off at night. Internet cafes shut down, and so do home routers. “One of the strongest correlations we found is the poorer your country is, the more likely your network is to turn off at night,”…


interesting article from wired

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