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the fallen

the execution of this infographic film isn’t necessarily that special but the facts and scale of the story even more so…

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technically a bit later than planned; as the actual time was 8 minutes past 8pm on the eighth of the eighth (so yesterday)
but hey, its party time…

me studio is celebrating a milestone i never dreamed would happen: ten years
(tries to hi-five himself… fails) hoorah!

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one man band


for my friends who asked about this: here is the full (dutch) transcript of my recent interview in publish magazine, the english translation will follow asap…

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type treasure trove


check out this amazing collection of type specimens and vintage typography: the letterform archive

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this is an oddly satisfying and nicely executed little tumblr collection: matching everyday objects to PMS colour swatches


also on instagram but the collection has been temporarliy put on hold as a book is in the make…


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