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amsterdamthings one of the ten ‘dingen’ books which won the 2009 ‘best childrens book award’ plus the ‘best dutch book design’ prize in 2009 and again in 2010, a few of the series including the above are still for sale and currently getting an updated version…

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here we go again… the longest stop-motion piece we’ve made so far in the shortest amount of time; a complete 4 minute video clip that will go live before the US election, stay tuned…


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#tbt the poster we created in 2013 for the documentary'superjews' which examines the relationship between the jewish identity and amsterdam football club 'ajax' #poster #identity #typography #illustration #football #logo #symbol

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for more info see also here


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i just came across this image online: a wonderful typographic, concrete book pavillion; created almost 90 years ago by italian graphic designer fortunato depero for the 1927 biennale internazionale delle arti decorative, built entirely out of giant block letters


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well-travelled &…


nice little project from the starshaped press: the well-traveled ampersand


although i must admit that to me; the typeset composite itself, made up of hundreds of small lead type pieces; looks a lot more interesting than the print which it is used to create


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