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3D me


the misses and i got our very own 3D selfies made recently, it’s a fascinating experience to see yourself reduced down to 10 cm tall

even though the details are still quite rough with 3D printing at this stage in its life-cycle; there is just enough detail and form there to be able to recognise yourself unmistakably… it’s almost eerie in fact

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A to B


…the logo is squat and compact with an air of self-containment, a bit like the Netherlands itself. This is not an invitation to traverse Europe by train, but to travel quickly and solidly in an environment designed for your needs…

a short article on five of the most iconic transport logos according to designer paul blackburn (via ‘grafik’)

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sherida me


check out this funky portrait of me, made by my friend sherida who came to the studio to deliver it today… thanks a lot!

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the outdoor poster campaign: ’20 years amsterdam zuidoost’ we made for the city of amsterdam back in 2007


the campaign featured portraits of local residents shot by our friend: photographer alex ten napel


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the garden of earthly delights


a fabulous online interactive tour of the renowned painting by dutch master jheronimus bosch which can be viewed in hi-res

the site offers a great deal of stories and information that is revealed when you zoom into to the various details, well worth a look… (audio in dutch & english)


(via the misses: ‘femke’)

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