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an interactive map showing the population flux in europe, the trend remains downwards… you can zoom right in to your part of the (european) world and check the current situation

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zapf ’67

…i would like to add just one detail of the making of the film. After long discussions and the help of a lot of alcohol we started late in the night. I was sitting at a slanted glass table with a hot spotlight in my neck. Frank Robinson was lying on the floor with the camera ready for a frog view shot. My task was to write beautiful letters with ink which dried as soon the pen touched the slippery surface of an astralon sheet. Not an easy job at all with a nervous cameraman at your feet…

great little documentary about the man: hermann zapf who sadly passed away recently (many thanks to ‘kungfu master JD’ for the tip)

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well that was fun, i spent an evening last week with my good buddy eric wie and his 7 year-old son romer vandalising posters around amsterdam


it was a guerilla action to mark the exhibition of renowned ‘├╝bermaler’ artist arnulf rainer in the ‘cobra museum’ this summer


i have to be honest it was quite addictive, i might have another go soon :) anyone fancy joining me?


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choco zoo


commissioned by renowned chocolate company callebaut: a kit to create these naïve, 3D chocolate animals

created by spanish graphic designer ingrid picanyol


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the metropole orkest asked me to create a masthead/logo for their new newsletter, entitled MOre:

the final design was not just a logo but a complete cover solution with a typographic form that can be filled with enlarged details from images; to create a simple and striking series of cover variations…


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