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the internet sleeps

…what this means is that for web surfers in Asia and Africa and South America, their internet connections get switched off at night. Internet cafes shut down, and so do home routers. “One of the strongest correlations we found is the poorer your country is, the more likely your network is to turn off at night,”…


interesting article from wired

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transfer 22


nice cover artwork by mister stefan glerum for this compilation celebrating the joint fifth anniversaries of 22 tracks and we transfer, if the music is your kind of thing too, listen/download it for free right here


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google waves


i have just uploaded the latest post i wrote as contributor to the amsterdam ad blog ‘something related to amsterdam’ column, to me stuff

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I grew to love posters


…i find repetitive work soothing, it calms me down and allows me some time to think about other things while being productive at the same time. I like the tension between systematic approach, legibility and (ir)regularity. I find it equally interesting to only draw the textures and end up with patterns…


my friends from the typo/graphic posters blog have just published an interview with local hero hansje van halem

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il capo

an excerpt from a beautiful & surreal film; see the whole story here, thanks to jean-louis for sharing

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