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book 2, 60 years


an advance copy of my latest book arrived this week it is the second of the four books i have designed for the metropole orkest this year, they are celebrating their 70th birthday this week (congrats from me!)


the blown up vertical logo across all four covers fits perfectly (so far), so i am a happy bunny… numbers three and four to follow shortly, keep you posted


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…in music hardware and software, Ableton interfaces revolve around “turning the knob”. Ableton Sans embodies this movement by spiraling round strokes outwards. This typeface was developed solely for use in Ableton’s physical and digital interfaces.


interesting custom font designed specifically for the (physical & digital) interfaces of the ableton, by letters of sweden

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the first (hardback) dummies for the ‘upside down’ inspiration book i designed with my friends from @dawnamsterdam for new brand ‘maandag’ back in 2008

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fire drill


…scenes begin to repeat themselves. i started to slow down and wait for the next unexpected scene…



some beautiful geometry and voyeuristic aerial shots of the chai wan fire station forecourt, as seen through a ventilation shaft by photographer chan dick


(many thanks to jean-louis for the tip)

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