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I feel sure we can agree on this: if ever there was a deserved winner of the ‘year that offers nothing to celebrate’ award, then this (current) awful, car-crash 2020 has to be a very, very good candidate.

I’ll try keep it short-ish… the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, all victims of Covid 19 – plus it’s ongoing economic fallout, the rise of the radical right, Brexit and that utter %$#@ Boris Johnson, Hong Kong vs. China, Australia almost burnt down, Beirut and most sickening of all cops murdered George Floyd before our eyes. I refuse to name the glaring omission (misogynist / racist orange-faced arsehole) in my list, but you know. Maybe that ‘thing’ will finally implode before the tragedy named 2020 ends, we shall see.

However when thinking of ideas for a ‘me studio’ gift to send all the friends, clients, colleagues and supporters (some five months ago) that all hadn’t yet become entirely apparent.

This particular occasion definitely seemed to justify a gift to me. I eventually settled on a little tactile wooden ‘ME’ type puzzle/object. Which I was either going to have produced on a small scale or (time permitting) make myself by hand. Crazy time-consuming & money-wasting projects have never been a problem, we seem to attract them.

Then all the above happened… and celebrations of any kind were the last thing on my mind.

The gift can wait, maybe next year, maybe not. The future feels uncertain for many of us right now. Time to reevaluate (wants or needs) then like it or not, collectively face up to and adapt ourselves to the changes (good & bad) already happening.

I almost forgot to mention the occasion that prompted this post… we are, you see actually celebrating a milestone right now. At 8 minutes past eight on the eighth of the eighth month (Saturday 8th August 2020) me studio is fifteen years old/young! Blimey… times flies it really does, but I’m super proud to have spent 15 years being ‘me’. The tone of this post was not very positive I know, but I mean what a year… it is not even over yet.

However I would like to end on a positive note as, despite everything, I still feel very, very privileged. I was able (and lucky) to turn my great passion – graphic design, into my career. How great is that?! Since leaving art school in 1986, its been a fun ride, bumpy at times but never dull. Thank you all for being a part of the ride and whatever it was you taught me along the way. In the end its all about people. Since 2020 we sadly, no longer shake hands or kiss but hey, please do keep in touch. See you soon and wish ‘me’ well on the next stage of the journey. This website hasn’t been updated for a long time now, sorry for that. The best place to follow updates, is currently Instagram (see link left)

Finally, our mestudio motto from 2005, that still feels relevant:
‘don’t hurry, be wappy’

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