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paper time machine

…the original colour of the Eiffel Tower during its construction in 1888 was called ‘Venetian Red’ as shown in the photograph, applied in the workshop before being assembled on site. The tower has been repainted over a dozen times since in different shades ranging from a reddish brown to bronze. Due to the increased blue sensitivity of the photographic emulsion used in the image, the sky appears much lighter and washed out, but the lack of cast shadows in the photograph suggest an overcast day. Several paintings and picture postcards of the Exposition site were used as a reference for the background buildings, and the stonework of Port de la Bourdonnais on the Seine riverbank being constructed in the middle of the photograph are sampled from contemporary photographs…


the wonderful retronaut is crowdfunding this great book project right now…

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a great set of stamps celebrating ducth model doutzen kroes with images by anton corbijn and design by julius vermeulen who is actually the head of design (and a client of mine) at the dutch post office, or at least was… this is his farewell project for himself, nicely done julius and good luck!


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word up


MO black first label release “poetry versus orchestra” CD packaging & book for the metropole orkest together with awesome spoken word artist ‘hollie mcnish’ using double spot black ink, hot stamp silver foil and spot UV varnish on matte laminate finish


above: the original illustration artwork next to the printed front & back covers

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our heat sensitive business cards made back in 2005, each card becomes different when touched by someone, a simple metaphor for what we do: create bespoke identities


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seedy underbelly


simple idea and clean execution on this series of vehicles, but then from a different point of view by yasena popova


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