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we booked into a hotel this weekend to celebrate my birthday, i arrived back home to lots of sweet messages last night… i’m touched, many thanks to all from me xxx

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happy single?


design magazine ‘dude’ asked me to contribute on a little article about working solo, clients, freelance fees and the new tax laws… in their latest issue, out now


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earlier this month news reached me of the death of my uncle john a sweet man who passed away after a prolonged period of sickness aged 72 years old, them some ten days ago my week took another much darker turn when i learned of the bizarre and tragic death of my good buddy harm wimmenhove who was hit by a speeding police van late at night on his bicycle; whilst crossing a road just around the corner from my office…


i had intended to write a long piece remembering harm, his friendship, the work we did together (this very website since 2005, for example) and all that he meant to me as a person


but… sat here, now, in front of my keyboard, i realise that i don’t really feel like writing that article anymore… i miss him, that’s all… his death was sudden, tragic and has left a great number of people behind’ shocked that he is no more


my thoughts go out to his family & close friends in particular

farewell harm… we had a blast, later on i will play the track ‘phoebe’ by extrawelt from their album ‘in aufruhr’ very loud, just for you… remember?

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#tbt we just got back from the annual summer break and completely forgot about the studio celebrating eleven years in business at 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th of the 8th, so a belated hooray to me! #birthday #design #happy #eleven #me

many thanks, of course, to the people who didn’t forget and already sent messages, we love you!

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marks out of 10


turns out some of my old ballet posters are being used in national high school exam papers for visual development studies this year in the netherlands, good luck kids!

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