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paper planes


a collaboration between glithero and traditional printers baddeley brothers to create …five expertly crafted paper airplanes, using traditional print press techniques and an unorthodox appropriation of an envelope-folding machine, the project is presented alongside a making-of film that pays homage to the faithful relationship between the printers and their machines…


(via mister jean-louis ‘el capitan’ d)

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sneak peek

#sorethumbs a sneak preview of our stop-motion video clip ‘mathematics’, created entirely by hand with string and pins, going live next week… if we get the finishing touches and the final edit done on time, at least #typography #icons #logo #stopmotion #slampoetry #poetry #spokenword #music #pins #string @metropoleorkest @holliepoetry

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hey lines


…after signing up to Hey Lines, a fictive online agency for remote line drawers, you are sad to find your job will mainly involve the mindless filling in of graphs. Everything changes when Laura, your employer, goes home early for the day and takes you all with her…


a crowd-sourced interactive music video for zZz, directed and developed by studio moniker & studio puckey

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primavera 2016

nice teaser animation for the annual primavera festival, made by devicers, and a pretty amazing line-up too…

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