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10 + 12 years


last night i hosted an interview/round-table discussion with my good friends from fontanel, regarding their ten-year anniversary and how things have changed or evolved during that specific period

we had a great talk about many (mostly) internet/social/design-related topics and managed to make a considerable amount of beer, gin and 12 year-old whisky disappear (as if by magic) in the process, i also made them a special pair of specs (with my 3D pen) to help find the right path in the following ten years…


it was a blast see you soon guys and looking forward to reading the article in the coming weeks here

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just arrived in the studio last week: my copy of this analogue masterpiece mongrel rapture almost 3 kilos of paper & beauty, delivered in book form

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500 greetings


just in this week: a new design book ‘500 greetings’invitations, greeting cards, postcards & self-promotion material, produced by promopress publishers


featuring no less than seven of our projects from the past few years, so thanks very much to promopress editor marta serrats


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me day


we booked into a hotel this weekend to celebrate my birthday, i arrived back home to lots of sweet messages last night… i’m touched, many thanks to all from me xxx

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in 2012 i was asked to make the poster for an exhibition of my ballet posters at the ‘dutch poster museum’ in hoorn


i wanted to create a life-size dress made of posters but liked the small dummy/test version so much, i used that for the final poster instead…


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