last friday i attended the opening of the 26 creative charachters exhibition in utrecht, along with many of the other contributors (Studio Airport, Alex Trochut (US), Autobahn, Underware, Baster, Dietwee, Dog&Pony, Evelin Kasikov (UK), Gorilla, Hansje van Halem, Hoax Amsterdam, INCLUDED, Jaap Biemans, Jacques Koeweijden, Jeroen Disch, Joachim Baan, Jos Buivenga, Julie Katrine Andersen (DK), ME Studio, Max Kisman, Nick Liefhebber, Roosje Klap, Staynice, Thonik, FL@33 (UK) and Trapped in Suburbia)


it was good to see the complete set of letters, meet many old (& new) friends and of course, well done to my friends maarten & rob for reaching the landmark big 10, onwards and upwards to the next 10… and thanks for a great evening


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