how much?


…the more detailed answers you get, the better. You have to understand the client’s limitations, and be synced with them regarding what exactly you’re going to do for them…

this week lior frenkel contacted me; he is the author of this very insightful long read about the the price of a logo, full of insights and tips from a myriad of professionals, worth your time… thanks for sharing lior!

…usually your clients don’t have a clue what formats and shapes they need. All they know is to say: “I need it for my FB page” or “I want it to appear on the website both for desktop and mobile version” or “I need to put it on a green menu”, etc. So don’t be a dick, help them with this, but also remember that it takes extra time to figure out these things…

see also this related blog post of mine, from 2009

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