theater poster awards 2011- 2013


the dutch theater poster awards disappeared last year due to cuts, but luckily they have been revived this year with the support of local printers mart spruijt, which is great news

even better news is that we have been nominated for the 2012-2013 edition with the ‘corps’ poster for the dutch national ballet (one of the very last ones) made with ‘erwin olaf’ earlier this year (shown above)


they have in fact decided to award two prizes together: one for this season 2012-2013 but also for the missing 2011-2012 season…


the bad news is that the competition is pretty stiff this year… with some very strong work around me competing for the prize

in fact if i were in the jury the ‘oedipus’ series (from 75B) would definitely be the winners, we shall see… a list of all nominees can be seen here


the winners will be announced during the design for function event next week in amsterdam, see you there

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  1. […] last night we won the theaterafficheprijs (dutch theater poster award) for 2012-2013, as i said last week i was genuinely convinced that 75B would win (and should have, i think) but still very proud and […]

    pingback by me studio » and the winner is… — 22-11-2013

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