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talented designer hansje van halem has released a thick tome featuring 499 pages; which offers an overview of her early sketches and experiments, her working process and failures… my copy arrived this week and it is an impressive publication, for many reasons…

including the fact that she has chosen to use this medium which involves a considerable amount of time, organisation (and presumably her own money) to make a publication that focusses on her process rather than using it as a podium to show potential clients what she has done, promoting her particular point of view and aesthetic vision rather than her commercial viability, a brave choice and one which says a lot about her as a designer


as we know these kinds of ‘oeuvre’ books often function as a retrospective and can mark a turning point in a designers work, i wonder whether this is true in hansjes’ case? perhaps she is due to start heading in a new direction with her work, we shall see

‘sketch book’ has been produced in a very limited print run… so be quick

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